From Date:   20-Aug-2019
    To Date:   20-Aug-2019

    The job of feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing.” On the occasion of 15 th august (Independence day) when patriotism was in air. School conducted an inter House group dance competition based on patriotic songs. The competition was conducted in two groups. Middle (classes 6 th to 8 th ) and higher (classes 9 th to 12 th ). All the houses performed very nicely and enthusiastically. They showed our culture of tri colour in their dances. Chairman and Principal of the school appreciated their efforts.

    From Date:   15-Aug-2019
    To Date:   15-Aug-2019

    “Thousands laid down their lives so that our country can celebrate this day. Never forget their sacrifices”. School celebrated the 73rd Independence Day of the country patriotic fervour. The Tricolour was hoisted by the Chairman of the School. On the raining morning of Independence Day, the flag hoisting ceremony was followed by Salute and national Anthem. School Chair group song a patriotic song on the occasion. The principal of school addressed the students (the future citizens of the country) to realize the importance of freedom and to perform their duties towards their nation in their own little way and carry forward the legacy.Chairman of the school wished everyone and gave them message to serve their country whole heartedly.

    From Date:   19-Aug-2019
    To Date:   19-Aug-2019

    “Rajya Vigyan Shiksha Sansthan Jabalpur organised a Science Seminar on the topic. “Chemical elements of periodic table: Their impact on human welfare”. For all the School of Madhya Pradesh. This Seminar was conducted in four levels. 1. Sankul Level 2. Block Level 3. District Level 4. Division Level After Division Level Selected Students will go for state level. Two of the students ku. Krishti singh of class X and mas. Divyanshu Dubey of class IX of our School bought laurels to the school, under the able guidance of Mrs. Sufia Qureshi their Science Teacher. Ku. Krishti cleared first two levels and Mas. Divyanshu stood first in all the Four level. School congratulates them for their awesome performance and wishes good luck to Mas. Divyanshu Dubey for the State Level. School congratulates their parents also.

    From Date:   19-Aug-2019
    To Date:   19-Aug-2019

    “Rakhi is the pure and sacred thread that binds Brother and Sister in a bond of love” To celebrate this special occasion of the bond of love... school conducted Rakhi Making competition for class 1st to 5th. Students came prepared with the variety of material for the competition. They designed attractive Rakhies with their creativity and imagination and showed their love for their siblings.

  • Speech Competition
    From Date:   2-Aug-2019
    To Date:   2-Aug-2019

    “Even if I died in the service of nation I would be proud of it every drop of my blood will contribute to the growth of this nation and to make it strong and Dynamic” Patriotism is a special feeling which bound us with our country, having this thought in mind school organized speech competition for classes 9th to 12th on the topic of patriotism. Student participated and shared their feelings for country they also mentioned that every should respect the country and its citizens. Many students spoke on the right and duties that one should perform. At last principal and chairman of the school appreciated students and told that “don’t ask that what your country has done for you? Ask your self what you have done for your country?

  • Sports Activity
    From Date:   22-Jul-2019
    To Date:   22-Jul-2019

    All roundness is the theme of modern education which recognizes that when the child comes to the school, he comes for mental, physical, social, spiritual and vocational education and as such he must be educated and nourished in all of these. Co-Curricular activities of session 2019-20 were started with Inter House Sports activity on Friday for junior classes (I-V). They played different games like Ball in, Ring throw, Ball throw, Carrom throw, Cricket etc. Chairman Dr. Manis K. Mathews inaugurated the first event of session 2019-20. Chairman, Principal and vice Principal of the school took part in different games to cheer our juniors. Students excitedly took part in most of the games and enjoyed a lot. Many of them won and got good prizes.

    From Date:   12-Apr-2019
    To Date:   12-Apr-2019

    ‘You are greater than your addiction’ Awareness program was conducted in the school campus regarding ‘de addiction’ in the form of ‘Nukkad Natak (Street play). Students of different classes took part and played their roles beautifully to make everyone understand that “Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism”. They also mentioned that overuse of mobile phone is also a kind of addiction so one should not be mobile dependent.

    From Date:   11-Apr-2019
    To Date:   11-Apr-2019

    ‘Cleanliness starts from our home’ Keeping this thought in mind, an activity was conducted for class 10th C students by the sports teacher in school campus. Students were divided into 8 groups to perform this activity. They pasted posters in the campus to make all the students highly aware about how to maintain cleanliness in our daily lives & school campus as well. This was the first activity done by the students as per their syllabus of Health and Physical Education.