From Date:   1-Jul-2019
    To Date:   1-Jul-2019

    “ We understand the value of our mother tongue, we are abroad”. We believe that children should love and respect their mother tongue and should be good in that. Having this thought in mind, school organised a sindhi camp for the students, who have Sindhi as their mother tongue. In this summer vacation, one of our sindhi teacher taught , consonants and vowels in Sindhi Script. Many poems, plays and songs were taught.
    Children, who attended the camp, are now can spell sindhi words more properly. Parents appreciated and thanked management for a good initiative.

  • international Yoga Day
    From Date:   21-Jun-2019
    To Date:   21-Jun-2019

    Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” As 21 st June 2019 is an International Yoga Day, hence a programme on fitness and yoga was organised by the sports teachers of the school. All teachers participated willingly and happily and they enjoyed a lot. Our respected Chairman Sir Dr. Manis K. Mathews also joined theprogramme and performed various Asanas . At last he addressed the teachers and told that ‘How yoga cures our body as well as mind.

  • Youth Forum
    From Date:   1-May-2019
    To Date:   1-May-2019

    “The youth of today are leaders of tomorrow” Inspired by this quote of Nelson Mandela. Christ Memorial School organised “youth forum” to celebrate summer festival the last working day of school before proceeding to summer vacation
    Students of class 9 - 12 enjoyed different activities in the Forum. Students conveyed message of ‘HEROISM’ by different small skits. Through skits they motivated students to be kind with elders, to be aware with social issues like say no to corruption, help the needy instead of clicking photos on the road accident sites etc. Heroism is not only exhibiting man power but this term refers to every person is hero on who is sensitive about the surroundings.
    Some students narrated stories and sung songs to entertain students in the Forum. The Vice Principal cheered the students and suggested them to utilise the summer vacation with constructive activities.
    Principal of school appreciated students’ efforts of delivering message that the parents are hero for children simultaneously children are hero of parents if really they serve each other with dedication. She also emphasized to acquire good health by inculcating yoga habits and healthy diet habits which will help them to be healthy.
    Students watched movie ‘Kesari’ and enjoyed throughout the day and were overwhelmed with the memories of celebrating summer festival.

  • Nukkad Natak on Elections
    From Date:   30-Apr-2019
    To Date:   30-Apr-2019

    Students of Christ Memorial Hr. Sec. School performed Nukkad NAtak on the theme “Elections”. As we know that elections are the backbone of Democracy, Which is the popular form of government. “The rule by public” Voting is an important process of election where every adult citizen of 18 years and above has right to vote and participate in the government by choosing the right government we fulfil our duty to nation and it helps us to form a biased and impartial government. A stable government is the need of hour in today’s ambience of international competition. Only a right government can gear up the nation’s development which can help to raise our lifestyle. Through nukkad natak, the students of class 6 performed Nukkad Natak to spread the message. It helped them also to be motivated and learn the value of voting which is the right of the Indian citizens.

  • Save birds Activity for class 6 th to 8 th
    From Date:   27-Apr-2019
    To Date:   27-Apr-2019

    “God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages”. Birds are beautiful creature of nature which helps in ecological balance. To save bird species students planned some activities. Students of Christ memorial school of classes 6 -8 prepared beautiful items with waste materials like bird feeder, bottle pot for plants, nest etc. to give contribution for saving birds and environment. They shared their services in garden decoration by hanging nest, feeders for food and water and were overwhelmed with experience about helping beautiful creation of god "The birds”. Summer season is the time for fun. Instead of high temperature we have various ways to enjoy. It was a very unique idea for students to enjoy their last working day before proceeding to summer vacation. Along with this activity students watched a movie "Kesri" which helped them to refresh their mind. The feeling of serving for environment gave them immense pleasure. The chairman Dr. Manis K Mathew appreciated student's spirit of saving birds.

  • Pre Summer vacation party
    From Date:   25-Apr-2019
    To Date:   25-Apr-2019

    ‘Summer is here bringing Mangoes to cheer, its vacation dear, cuz mangoes is here.’ School arranged a fruit party for primary students. As summer vacation of primary section has started. Teachers gave them fruit party to say good bye, to make them happy and to cherish the memories at their home also. Teachers told the students to eat healthy food and drink sufficient water instead of cold drinks in summer holidays to keep themselves healthy. It was really a good day for students and teachers also. Students enjoyed a lot. They learnt to beat the heat and to be fit by eating varieties of fruits.

    From Date:   16-Apr-2019
    To Date:   16-Apr-2019

    Christ Memorial School, Bairagarh has organised a free eye check up and consultation camp for students and teachers. The need to organise the camp emerged from the child blindness cases due to often undiagnosed and untreated vision issues. The students were examined by a team of doctors from eye hospital Bairagarh and students were provided with spectacles also free of cost. In the absence of quality health care number of children and elders seldom able to prioritize their health. This is highlighted by the facts that many students were not aware with their vision issues or were unable to get their eyesight checked. Dr. Manis K Mathew , The Chairman , Christ Memorial School Bairagarh quoted “We are determined to provide better solutions to our valued future citizens ”.

    From Date:   12-Apr-2019
    To Date:   12-Apr-2019

    ‘You are greater than your addiction’ Awareness program was conducted in the school campus regarding ‘de addiction’ in the form of ‘Nukkad Natak (Street play). Students of different classes took part and played their roles beautifully to make everyone understand that “Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism”. They also mentioned that overuse of mobile phone is also a kind of addiction so one should not be mobile dependent.